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NOLA Horror Film Fest

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

If you're a horror fan, then this film festival - created by horror filmmakers for horror fans - is a must. It will run from 9/20/23 at The Prytania Theatre in New Orleans.

The God Inside My Ear

The great thing about horror is that the best of it usually comes from the independent film world. There’s a great lineup for 2018, including horror, sci-fi, and comedy selections, and even a WTF category for the truly bizarre.

Eight features made the cut this year, including The God Inside My Ear, written, produced and directed by Joe Badon. After experiencing a peculiar and sudden breakup with her boyfriend, Elizia discovers a world of conspiracies, strange voices and horrifying visions.

The visually stunning trailer suggests a complex piece that I’m thoroughly excited to see.

The God Inside My Ear Trailer

For a full lineup of the 2018 official selections and schedule, visit NOLA Horror Film Fest.

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